On The Edge

Walk Your Own Path

I love Mat's work. I love the clean lines, the craftsmanship adn teh pride he takes in his work.


I love his designs because they feel organic and I know that I'm supporting a local craftsman who creates designs based on a unique perspective.


Your work has charming simplicity. The earrings I have get complimented constantly.


Renee Bracelet

The Renee Bracelet was named after a client that commissioned the first piece. This bracelet is a must see in person to truly appreciate its weight and fee.

Gold & Silver Patinaed Cuff Earrings

The Gold & Silver Patinaed Cuff Earrings are classic in style with a no-nonsense touch of flair. The patina adds a special accent to the unique blend of mixed metals.

Random Textured Necklace

The Random Textured Necklace is one of the most popular and versatile designs we offer. This piece can be worn everyday with a t-shirt and blue jeans or dressed up for a special occasion out on the town.